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What a day! Presentations are available for download. We also have follow up workshops, podcasts, information & webexs below;

NOWBOX 2020 - Video

Free workshops with Phil Taphouse from ITOM Solution

How to leverage ServiceNow® for huge savings with operational efficiencies. Join a day long interactive group session highlighting the business use cases for ITOM in action. After hugely successful first workshops we are running again!

AutotestPro - New Features

The latest release supports the testing of Orlando, ability to automatically test the Virtual Agent and single sign on/multi-factor authentication.

Data Content Manager

Read the review from NOW BOX, check out the latest product features & sign up for a news letter to keep up to date

Monochrome - New Website

Uber cool new website with some great video content - ServiceNow® as you've never seen it before!

New Service Connector App

From the DXC ServiceNow® Practice - A codeless App designed to support quick creation of custom interfaces between the ServiceNow® platform and other systems

Integration is Dead: Long Live Automation

Join Perspectium live on 11 March -  In this webinar, you’ll learn the seven biggest differences between automation and integration – helping you ensure that you are amplifying your service processes and data to deliver business value.

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Brian Crighton

Head of ServiceNow® & Service Improvement

Royal Bank of Scotland


Scott McGarvey

Head of IT Service Management 

Virgin Money


Johann Diaz

Business Technology Leader

Executive Advisor to ServiceNow® CXOs

ServiceNow®'s employee #1 and Supercharging Service Portal


Leigh Mullin

Head of Service Improvement and ServiceNow®

Standard Life Aberdeen 

A service portal journey isn't just about turning on the technology and waiting for it to work. You need to engage all your stakeholders from from day 1 and consider it a continuous improvement initiative. 


David Loo

ServiceNow®'s first ever employee

CEO Perspectium

ServiceNow®'s employee #1 must have been a really smart guy, right? That was David. Hear about the early days, how the organisation developed and what David did next when he recognised a gap in the market and built another business. 


Aly Skidmore

IT Service Manager

Standard Life Aberdeen

Service Design is crucial when it comes to a Service Catalogue. How do you decide what goes in, what do people really want, how do you make it work as smoothly as possible, how do you create a really great UX?


Jeff Smith

ServiceNow® Consultant

Monochrome Ltd

Bold design. Brilliant technology. Better digital solutions. Monochrome are a team of pioneering developers and user experience designers creating smart digital solutions. Find out all about the WOW portal.

Driving cost savings, integration benefits & automation


Scott Robertson

Managing Director, Fruition Partners

DXC ServiceNow practice

Scott was in charge when Shell decided to in-source IT Service Integration and Management (SIAM) and exploit "Market Standard" IT services. Find out how ServiceNow® became a key component for Shell, focusing on day to day efficiencies whilst evaluating the roadmap for further benefits via additional business use-cases.


Craig Alexander

Development Director

Danske Bank

Craig is responsible for Production Operations, Change Management and Process Management within IT Operations, Danske Bank Group IT. He was previously IT4IT® Strategic Consulting lead for HP Software Professional Services and Global Head of Services Transition at another major international bank. Find out how Danske Bank are leveraging ServiceNow®

ITOM journey, Command & Control & Operational resilience


Scott McGarvey

Head of IT Service Management 

Virgin Money

Starting your ITOM journey. ITOM can be a real plate of spaghetti that needs to be untangled. Where do you start, what do you prioritise, what do you keep, what do you loose, what are the benefits, how much will it cost and how much will you save? Find out how CYBG put together a plan.


Phil Taphouse

Managing Director

ITOM Solution

Phil was the ServiceNow® ITOM Enterprise Architect at Thames Water and this is the story he will be sharing. Find out how a Command & Control dashboard on the Now Platform gave Thames Water oversight of a vast and varied portfolio of 650 business applications plus every incident, project, and machine, all in one place.


Maureen Robson-Norman

Enterprise Transformation Specialist


The Bank of England, (PRA) and (FCA) have published a paper on Operational Resilience. Disruption caused by cyber-attacks, failed outsourcing or technological change is a big deal. How do we focus on the continuity of the most important business services as an essential components, set impact tolerances and plan for disruption?  Operational Resilience is applicable to everyone!

App Hot House & Transforming Your Platform Development


Chris Grassi

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Highmetric Global ServiceNow® Partner

Can Apps really make a difference? The ServiceNow® platform is really App friendly and there are endless options and opportunities. How do you identify what could be good for you and what it's worth the time developing? Chris shares a selection of customer success stories including the innovative concept of an App Hot House.


Chris Riggs

Customer Success Manager

Quality Clouds Ltd

Chris will be showcasing Quality Cloud's  comprehensive tools that help you to manage your ServiceNow® instances. This includes a product that checks all your code against 200 best practices and notifies you about issues that might cause problems and an Admin Bot that runs periodically against your productive instance. Get full visibility on what’s happening under the hood!


Mikko Juola

Service Architect - Justin Labs

Data Content Manager

Mikko will speaking about accelerating deployment of ServiceNow®'s new Common Service Data Model using Data Content Manager. These service-related definitions span the ServiceNow® product portfolio and the Now Platform®. Many ServiceNow products have a dependency on data within this data model. This has been an extremely popular webinar, now is the opportunity to see it live.


Anoop Malkani

Enterprise Service Management


Anoop has been working in IT for over 35 years and have experience in Operations, Operations Support, Programme/Project Management & Service Management. He has established an 'own use' apps factory/delivery platform, for delivering quick and simple applications used by our employees with the full 'consumerisation of corporate IT' feel. He will join Chris Grassi to showcase some really clever Apps.

Speed up software delivery


Paul Chorley

CEO and Co Founder


Creating a DevOps environment that automates and speeds up every stage of the software delivery life-cycle. Reduce your costs and exposure to change risk, increase your control of multi-stream development, improve quality, even automatically produces release notes and a fully updated user guide.

Afternoon Workshop  - 60 Minutes

People & processes = Service Delivery & Value


David Wright

Chief Value & Innovation Officer

The Service Desk Institute (SDI)

What exactly is Service Desk Certification, what are the components, are you reactive, proactive, customer-led or business-led, why does it make a difference, what is the value proposition? How do we inspire both individuals and teams can learn new skills and gain greater understanding of how they can be used to build a truly excellent service desk.


Lisa Smith

Business Change Lead


Lisa will be sharing a different approach to ServiceNow® training. Rather than just getting people technically qualified how about we have a programme that lets staff and management know what they can get out of the platform in terms of business benefits and information and what they can ask for going forward? 


Claire Agutter

Director - VeriSM & ITIL Author

ITSM Zone & Scopism

ITSM Zone provide award winning on-line training in a full range of ITSM related topics, standards and working practices, ITIL, DevOps, Agile, BRM, COBIT, SIAM, Business Analysis, RESILIA and Cloud Computing. Is there a learning blend of skills that achieve results in the real world? Claire joins the panel for some in depth discussion.


Johann Diaz

Business Technology Leader

Executive Advisor to ServiceNow® CXOs

The world is moving faster, customers are expecting more, operational costs remain high, competition is growing through traditional and disruptive routes and technology continues to disrupt everything. How do you do more for less, whilst delivering even better service?


Becky Straker

Head of Corporate Communications UK & I


How can we tell your story and the ServiceNow® Youth Development Programme


Lyssa Edwards

Service Desk Operations Manager

UK Global Technology Operations | CGI

Lyssa will join an esteemed panel with multiple opinions and tell us how SDI certification (SDC) make a big impact on their environment, how CGI achieved 5 star accreditation, what this delivered for both their staff and their customers.


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